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hello LJ [Apr. 7th, 2005|04:11 pm]
I sent in my application to the Producers Guild of America today. I included some references, but I don't know exactly how they verify my resume and my qualifications. I hope I get in. If I do, it means lots of free special screenings, free admission to films during award season (for me plus 1) and DVD screeners of Oscar contenders. Plus, the dues are tax deductible.

I also signed up for a trial subscription to IMDBpro in an effort to get my name and my credits up there for once and all.

Does anyone know how to teach a dog to heel? We've got 'sit,' 'down,' and 'stay' covered, but my dog darts all around when we go on walks. She trips me and stops cold when she wants to smells something. A trainer told me that I should talk to her the whole time we're walking, just so she can hear the sound of my voice, but I swear she doesn't care.